It is extremely difficult to find old quality building materials , especially for those who are not satisfied with superficial imitations or questionable "antiqued effects", but want to make use of the charm of wood, bricks and other authentic recycled materials.
In our warehouses are kept all recovered materials, carefully divided and classified by gender, essence, origin, period and workmanship.
The valuable antique wood is recovered by a dedicated team of professionals, highly trained and with a long experience in the sector. It is always our experienced staff that provides, using the appropriate precautions, to recover the wood and other materials from buildings destined for demolition, and then lead them to our provided laboratory in Follina (TV).
Here the ancient material thus extracted is subjected to complex recovery treatments able to return to the ancient splendor. Properly examined, analyzed and classified according to type, time and origin, the material is then cleaned and treated to eliminate any pests and ensure maximum quality in the final application.
All treatments are carried out with respect for the environment, using eco-friendly processes that do not involve the use of substances toxic to humans or polluting the environment. Afterwards, the materials are stored in a special warehouse, where they remain available.
The ancient wood lends itself particularly to the realization of ceilings and ceilings extremely suggestive, for the flooring of rooms and exclusive outdoor pergolas.
The bricks and the ancient stone are perfect for the realization of fireplaces, facades, balconies, floors, stairs, partition walls or decorative and refined coverings of parts of rooms.
In our four warehouses located in the province of Treviso, between Follina and Valmareno, are preserved important quantities of wood, bricks and other building materials recovery, which are provided by us for restoration, construction and redevelopment works not only in Italy but also abroad.