From antiques up to the specialization in the recovery of ancient wood.

The ancient must be tasted, touched, considered a living element that tells its own story.
Present in the field of antiques since generations, Antica Edilizia has specialized in the recovery and restoration of ancient wood giving new breath to those wood materials worth of attention and care, with a view to the conservative restoration.

Every detail receives the time and care needed to be brought back to life creating fascinating floors, roofs, classic slabs and coatings with original flavor. The company has structured over time to treat the recovered wood, clean it up, restore it, dry it, classify and certify it. Antica Edilizia has always respected its mission: to preserve the ecosystem that surrounds us and not affecting in any way the life of trees. An environmental awareness, according to the ethics of sustainable development, leads the company in the daily respect of the surrounding environment, preserving trees and forests, and ensuring that every recovered wooden element finds space and life. For this reason the activity of Antica Edilizia is 100% ecological and this makes us proud.