Private house – Location Trieste

Realization of a private house. Delivery and installation of floor in ancient recovered Oak wood, first patina. Realization of an equipped wall in ancient Oak, first and second patina, with an access staricase to the loft, in ancient Oak second patina. Realization of a loft with beams and planks in ancient Firwood. Covering of bath walls. Restoration and installation of an ancient door.  

Private house – Location Asiago

Construction of a house in the mountains. Supply and installation of ancient recovered beams in firwood and ancient planks in firwood, first patina. Ancient firwood coverings, first patina, and firwood beam slices. Realization of furnishing accessories and interior doors in reclaimed antique firwood. External cladding in reclaimed anciente larch, first patina.

Mountain chalet – Location Sonnleiten Austria

Renovation of a mountain chalet with supply and installation of ancient recovered beams in firwood and ancient firwood planks, first patina. Realization of interior and exterior coverings, boiserie and furnishing accessories.

Private house – Location Treviso

In a private house in Treviso, Antica edilizia has taken care of the construction, supply and installation of floors, walls, stairs, various accessories, bathrooms and tables in ancient oak wood, second patina. It was also carried out the construction and laying of the wall cladding of rooms and the external doors of the garages with slices of reclaimed oak beams.    

Private house – Location Sedico

Realization of the floor in a private house, with old recovered firwood boards, first patina.  

Manor house – Location Valdobbiadene

Restoration of a manor house in the hills of Treviso. Among the various interventions, on the ground floor there is a slab with ancient recovered oak beams and ancient oak wood planks. On the upper level the floors are in ancient oak wood second patina, while the roof is made with ancient recovered firwood beams and firwood planks, first patina.

Mountain chalet – Location Pianezze

Renovation of a mountain chalet in the province of Treviso. This holiday home has been made using only ancient wood essences: for doors, walls and furnishings, was used the first patina of antique firwood, while for the floors and tables, the second patina of antique oak. The fireplace has been covered with external slices of ancient oakbeams and in the floor of the inn has been laid antique terracotta recovery.

Mountain chalet – Location Asiago

Complete renovation of a mountain chalet. Realization of external doors and windows: antique larch frames second patina, retractable electric shutters and coating in ancient firwood, first patina. Inside, the floors and the roof are composed of ancient recovered firwood beams and ancient firwood planks first patina; the floors and stairs are in ancient oakwood second patina, filled in black and water painted (raw effect). The wall coverings are made in folding with ancient firwood, first patina and they cover, up to hide them, even cupboards and drawers, retractable sliding interior doors and traditional doors. The bathrooms are made with the same materials: ancient oak wood, second patina for the floors and ancient firwood first patina for furnishings and coverings.

Country house – Location Pederobba

Complete reconstruction of a farmhouse of the late '800. In the ancient arcade, restored by Antica Edilizia, a traditional roof has been reconstructed with old recovered beams in firwood and terracotta tiles; the floors are also made of old recovered stones. In the living area, on the ground floor, the attic has been renewed with antique bleached firwood beams (whitewash effect) and the floor is in antique oak treated with reagents. In the sleeping area the covering is exposed and consists of a ridge beam and ancient oak trusses, secondary ancient firwood beams and ancient firwood planks, first patina.

Mountain chalet – Location Cortina d’Ampezzo

Renovation of an attic in a mountain chalet. The exterior cladding is in antique larch boards first patina. The exposed roof is made with ancient fir beams and ancient oak planks second patina. The kitchen is made with antique oak coating second patina.

Apartment – Location Cison di Valmarino

Restoration of an apartment inside a building in the village of Cison di Valmarino. The project involved the restoration of the antique firwood floor and the traditional attic, with ancient recovered oak beams, purlins (joists) and tiles in ancient terracotta.

Country house – Location Mason Vicentino

Realization of the floor in ancient recovered oak wood, first patina, with water paint finishing, raw effect.

Hotel Restaurant Antica Abbazia – Location Borso del Grappa

Renovation of a building built on the ruins of an ancient Abbey of the year 1000. Realization of the interior rooms of the hotel: the reception desk with tables in reclaimed ancient oak wood, the stairs that lead to the upper floor of the rooms with old reclaimed larch and firwood. The furnishing of the bedrooms and bathrooms has been realized with ancient firwood boards resinated and oiled. The ceilings carry ancient firwood beams and ancient fir wood planks, first patina. The company has also worked on the restaurant room with antique firwood coverings, first patina, slabs with mixed system of IPE beams and ancient recovered firwood beams, associated with ancient firwood planks. The tables are composed of ancient oak tops, second patina and burnished iron pedestal. The stairs see the combination of ancient larch, second patina and ancient firwood, first patina, with extra-clear glass parapet. The floor of the room upstairs was made of ancient oakwood, second patina.  

Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo – Location Paullo Casina

Complete renovation of the roof of the Pieve di Paullo Church, one of the most ancient churches of the Reggio hill, in the municipality of Casina, with ancient recovered trusses, beams and planks in ancient oak first patina.

Club Pub – Location Bibione

Intervention on interior fittings, coverings and furnishings. Realization of the counter and wall covering with slices of ancient oak beams first patina, shelves on racks in burnished iron and tables with ancient oakwood and firwood second patina.

Winery – Location Pieve di soligo

Renovation of a commercial space, in particular, realization of a series of wine displays with the use of ancient recovered oak beams and the coating of the central counter with ancient oak planks, second patina.

Mountain chalet – Location Corvara

Renovation project and extension of a mountain chalet in the province of Bolzano realized using only two essences of ancient wood: ancient fir wood for beams, planks, walls and furniture, ancient larch wood for all floors

Mountain house – Location Belluno

Coating with ancient firwood first patina of the existing roofing wood. Whitening of the existing beams and coating of the walls in original grey ancient fir. Realization and supply of furniture

Country House – Location Chiarano

Complete reconstruction of an old farmhouse. Volume and external forometry have been maintained while the internal distribution has been revised to obtain a unique, completely open environment. Floors, both on the ground floor and in the loft, in ancient firwood first patina, oiled. Roof made with ancient recovery trusses in firwood and ancient firwood planks, first patina. Realization of an open staircase that leads to the loft with tables of ancient fir and burnished iron.

Villa – Location Sospirolo

Renovation project of a villa. On the ground floor, living area with flooring in ancient larch first patina while dining area with floor in large format tables in ancient red stone of Castellavazzo. On the upper floor exposed roofing, with ancient beams and trusses in recovered firwood and ancient firwood planks, first patina.

Private house – Location Tovena

Renovation project of a house, floor in old recovered stone and bathroom made to measure in solid antique oak boards, filled in silver, treated with water repellent and water paint.